lots of stuff!

we took these very fun videos of dorothy dancing last night


This is a fun video of Reid and then Adam wiggiling and talking:

 Adam and Reid went into the pool for the first time last night
Family in the pool
poor Reid drew the short straw and had to wear Dorothy’s old suit, but he didn’t seem to mind at all.

We cheered for Daddy at the St. Anthony’s Triathalon. He beat his goal of 2 hours and 45 minutes by 11 seconds. We don’t really care how fast he does it, we’re just proud that he did.
cheering on Daddy at the St Anthony's triathalon II
he was incredibly suprised and happy that we made it out to cheer for him. Next year we’ll be at the finish line!

And, the boys are 4 months old!
We are 4 months old
As usual, Adam is on the left. They are so smiley now. They like to coo and babble. Adam is more talkative than Reid right now. The interaction really makes a difference–makes me feel like I’m not doing all the drudge work for nothing. A smile really keeps me going.

All in all, we’re doing pretty well. We’re looking forward to next weekend when Nona, Papu and Bis Nona come to visit. They haven’t been here since January, we don’t think they’ll recognize Adam and Reid, and they’ll have a great time playing with Dorothy.



One response to “lots of stuff!

  1. They are all getting so big!!!! When did Dorothy turn into a little lady????

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