blanket. finished. finally

These are the two blankets I made/am making for the boys. The one on the left “adam’s blanket’ is done. I started it as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I finished the squares in October, and I just finished the border yesterday. all the ends are tied in, I just have to trim them. Yippee!

‘reid’s blanket’ got started in October, and was the project that ook up the majority of my time in the hospital. I guess when you knit something lying down it seems bigger than it really is. In fact my mom knit several strips on it when she was here in January. I guess I’ll pick that blanket back up to finish it. Wonder how long it will take me?


Included here for your viewing pleasure. Adam, and a closeup of the Mitred Square Blanket


Reid and a close up of the log cabin blanket:


and a suprise video debut for the boys. it is what it is:


3 responses to “blanket. finished. finally

  1. What cute boys and cute blankets!

  2. Those boys are adorable and I am so impressed that you made those blankets! Gorgeous all around.

  3. I saw your comment over at PW about the cake and the fruit, and I wanted to tell you that other fruit will work as well. And those blankets and babies are precious.

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