grow, grow, grow

We’re engaging in a little horticultural experiment here. Dorothy recieved a gift from her Nona of Dora the Explorer gardening tools, gloves and some marigold seeds. all we needed to provide was the pot, some dirt and TLC.

the seeds were planted this weekend:

using the ‘rake’ to even out the dirt.
gardner at work

She didn’t want to touch the dirt because it was “dirty” but didn’t have any problem with the seeds:
getting ready to plant the seeds seeds!

Here she’s saying “grow, grow, grow”
"grow plants grow"

we check on them every morning.


2 responses to “grow, grow, grow

  1. oh yea. Be carefull Dorothy, those are “Jack and the Beanstalk” seeds.

  2. A little water, a little sunshine, and a bit of love will ,make the plants grow big and tall.

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