Breakstone’s Whipped Butter

When I lived in New Jersey, and even in Dallas, this was never a problem. But here, in Florida its a different issue.

Every year around this time I start looking for Breakstone’s Whipped Butter (salted) and Temp-tee whipped cream cheese–the Kosher For Passover versions. Today at Publix I found lots of other breakstone’s products that were K for P, but not the butter or cream cheese.

So, I become the crazy butter lady. you know, the one who asks the employees if they have the K for P versions in yet. And they look at me like I’m crazy. Because, “lady, the butter and cream cheese are right there on the shelf” and I’m like, “no, I need the ones with the special wrapper around the lid” and they say “well, we don’t have it.’ Today the guy I spoke to suggested that I try back again, since they get shipments in every day but Sunday.

and then I start calling all the other publix-es in the city to ask my crazy question.

Because its just not passover if I don’t have the whipped butter or cream cheese.


One response to “Breakstone’s Whipped Butter

  1. I live in Brooklyn and have had a very hard time finding kosher l’pesach salted butter this year, whipped? i’ve not even tried. i think it’s because there’s so much meat … margarine is all that there is demand for [I have a dairy kitchen and we’re vegetarian]. i have found that the selections this year are very odd. may you have a happy and healthy passover!

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