spicy girl

Saturday afternoon Dorothy went outside with David to burn off some energy before dinner. They came back in REALLY quickly, and Dorothy looked kind of funny. Her eyes were watering and her mouth was red. And she was dry heaving.

David told me that she ate one of our hot peppers. She said, “these are really spicy and I’m going to try it” and just like that, she popped one in her mouth. Then she spit (most of) it back out. David said it all happened in slow motion, and he couldn’t get to here fast enough to get it out of her hand.

For dinner, she ate a yogurt drink and plenty of Haagen Daz chocolate ice cream. She washed it all down with  A LOT of water. She was peeing all night long.

While she was extinguishing the fire, we were talking to her about not eating any plants outside because some of them can be poison. I’d say we were pretty lucky that all she ate was a chili pepper and not something worse. She’s still talking about it, and we’re still reminding her about not eating any plants.


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