monthly photos

I took the pictures yesterday on their 3 month ‘birthday’ and I present them to you today, just one day after. Some of them, especially of Adam are funny if you look at a bunch of them–he looks like a rapper with his hands. So, have fun, here they are:

adam is a rapper 3 months old  adam is a rapper 3 months old yo, yo, YO, I am 3 months old a futre rapper 3 months old

if you click on them, you can see larger versions.

this is my favorite one of Adam:

yay, Adam is 3 months
yay, I am 3 momths old

they are 3 months DSC03197

and here is reid:
reid is 3 months 2 Reid is 3 months


2 responses to “monthly photos

  1. Amy, they are beautiful!!!! Looking more and more like you every day. I can’t believe how big they are and I just saw them last week! I just got such a good feeling in my belly looking at those pics and remembering how scared we all felt when you went on bedrest so early! Look at those boys today…..they’ve come so far!

  2. Adam & Reid look great. So do Father & Mother. It will be interesting to get all the cousins together in one spot for a family photo shoot. Hopefully soon.

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