Big News

We had major potty success until I went on bedrest, and then it all went downhill pretty quickly. We’d ask her if she wanted to sit and usually the answer was no. However this week we made a complete 180 degree turn-around. 

Dorothy is almost completely potty trained. All of a sudden. One night last week she came home from school and we put panties on her, and moved the potty out into the kitchen. She had 2 accidents, we put her back in a diaper. she immediately said she had to pee and ran to the potty, we took the diaper off and she peed. She was in panties for the rest of the evening.

Each time she uses the potty she gets to put on lipgloss. Then she runs and gives me or David a big huge ‘strawberry’ kiss on the cheek. Of course we are cheering her each time and telling her how proud we are, etc.

next night…same story. Panties after school until bedtime.

Next day, she woke up and wanted to wear panties. Cried when she saw the diaper. But requested a diaper for school. That night, panties again until bedtime.

Next day, panties in the morning and all day at school. She had a small accident and came home in different clothing. But, the message from her teacher “send her to school in panties again tomorrow.” She came home from school incredibly proud of herself.

Next day, panties again, and she came home in the same pants (and panties) she went to school in.

She’s pooped on the potty twice. We’re still putting her in diapers for napping and sleeping at night. But other than that, we’re completely diaper free.


One response to “Big News

  1. We are so proud of Dorothy. She is certainly a big girl. I saw a commercial for night time pull ups. Thought it was a good idea.

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