Strawberry season rocks, and I’m a southerner now

we’ve reached the point in strawberry season when the supermarkets start GIVING away the strawberries. Its a happy time. I really only buy strawberries when they are in season here in Florida because they’re local–grown in Plant City which is only about 45 minutes away.

they had a lady at the supermarket making strawberry shortcake samples to give away in those lame shortcake shells. I decided I could do much better.

 So I called my only truly southern friend, Rachel. She’s from Dothan, Alabama. And I asked her if she had a tried-and-true biscuit recipe. She didn’t, but looked in her ‘southern’ cookbook and gave me one.

I worked up the courage to try it today–it was my test batch. and it worked. Really well. They’re flaky and tender, just like a biscuit should be.

tomorrow night we’re having friends over and dessert will be strawberry shortcake on biscuits. I CAN’T wait!

One response to “Strawberry season rocks, and I’m a southerner now

  1. You can’t talk about it and not share the recipe! We are HUGE strawberry lovers in this family as well…well any berry goes over VERY well here to be honest.


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