something I haven’t talked about before

I knew that when I came home from the hospital that I would have to work on my relationship with Dorothy. She didn’t want to be left alone with me. It made me extremely sad.

When she first asked me to pick her up, it made me so happy I practically cried.

this week David had a meeting and Frank and Kathy were over to give me some help if I needed it (which I did, I was ill). Frank told Dorothy that he would like to put her to bed and read her a story. Dorothy told him no, she wanted Mama to do it. I was doing backflips of joy on the inside.

Then last night David was taking Dorothy out to dinner, and I was going out with friends. Dorothy made it clear she wanted me to come with her, and was visibly upset when I told her I wasn’t coming out to dinner.

I’m never happy when my children are unhappy. But it did give me quite a bit of joy that she wanted me to come with her. I think we’re back to pretty much where we were when I went on bedrest.

Thank God


2 responses to “something I haven’t talked about before

  1. awww…….I had no idea things were so tough. So glad you two are back on track!

  2. I completely understand. I feel so guilty sometimes that I can’t give Gavin the attention he wants. Every one-on-one time now is so cherrished. Glad to hear you and Dorothy are working it out.

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