I’m like a new woman

up until last night the boys have eaten at least 2 times each night, which means getting barely 3 hours of sleep at a time. the other day they slept a 7 hour stretch, which was nice, but I woke up before they did absolutely ready to explode. After making sure they were still breathing, I pumped 10 ounces.

Last night they only woke up once, at 3 am. they ate and went back to sleep. We did too. at 6:30 I got into the shower, got dressed, folded laundry, ate breakfast and THEN fed the boys at 7:15. UNREAL. SO HAPPY. I can hardly contain myself.

A few more nights like this and we might feel like real people again.

One response to “I’m like a new woman

  1. Oh, I was there too. It was like a dream. My boys were pushing 8 hours at night. I was so rested. Then teething kicked in right after the holidays. They’re nursing like newborns again. Catch up on your rest now. You’ll need it in a few short weeks.

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