at the due date

Adam and Reid’s due date was Sunday. To celebrate we took some professional photos. if you feel like drooling, feel free to take a look at our online proofs: go to Then click on Fine Arts Portraits and then Online Proofs. Enter “beach” as the password. our family is the first grouping of pictures. I’m really pleased with how they came out, considering that the boys were screaming and Dorothy doesn’t like the sand.

Yesterday we went back to the doctor for their 2nd RSV injection. So they got weighed, and I could not believe how big they are getting. Adam weighs 7lb 8oz and Reid is 7lb 1oz. UNBELIEVABLE. No wonder the preemie clothing doesn’t fit anymore!

I leave you with their 1 month pictures:

Reid is 1 month old


Adam is 1 month old

I eat their chubby cheeks on a regular basis.


3 responses to “at the due date

  1. The beach photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love all the ones where Dorothy looks like she’s shouting…super cute.

  2. The password didn’t work. I’d love to see them. Those one month snapshots look great. It’s amazing how they seem to literally change every day. My boys were born on a Friday, I take their picture every Friday for the first year. Check them out here

  3. Gallery works and will be up for another week. Thanks to Tammy for bringing it to my attention.

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