boy, this is fun

The terrible twos, that is. Tonight dorothy dumped water all over the table and herself, then marched off as I was telling her that she needed to help clean it up. Then she threw her toothbrush at her father, who then brushed her teeth for her, and put her to bed without any stories. I went in about 10 minutes into her crying and we had a ‘chat’ and then she came out to apologize to David. We’ll be talking about tonight again tomorrow to remind her that we don’t throw things.

She’s currently obsessed with her brothers’ pacifiers and has adoped some of her own. I’m trying to curb the obsession with lip gloss–telling her that big girls don’t use pacifiers, but they can have lipgloss (kiehl’s lip sunscreen, nothing but the best, right?)

Of course, it could always be worse. (our current motto)

One response to “boy, this is fun

  1. And now the fun begins. You will look back and laugh about this someday. OK , you may not laugh but it will get funnier.

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