Bris, Brisses, Britot?

Not entirely sure what the plural is, but at any rate, yesterday was Adam and Reid’s bris. It was an amazing celebration.

Also, amazing was that David did the circumcisions. Dr Prieto was our mohel, and he talked to David about how it is the father’s responsibility to circumcise his son(s) and that the mohel is just a proxy for the father. David thought a lot about it and told me yesterday (right before the ceremony) that he was going to ‘do it’. I was really scared, because its not every day that your husband takes a scalpel to your son. And I cried through the entire ceremony for Adam, and the rabbi had to get me a chair to sit in while they were doing the actual circumcision. Once it was Reid’s turn, I was much better.

The whole day was full of such emotion. I really felt like we were closing the circle on the adventure that was my pregnancy and bedrest, their birth and stay in the nursery. We had so many friends and lots of family there to celebrate with us.

They’re growing and getting chubbier each day, and bursing better. As of this past Friday, Adam weighed 5lb 13oz and Reid was 5lb 7oz. I think we’ll probably see 6lbs by this Friday, their one month (!!) check-up.

Tomorrow I go visit Kim at Lactation Services at Bayfront. Hopefully the boys will nurse well, and we can start talking about tandem nursing, and starting to cut out supplemental bottles and pumping. I’ll feel like I have so much extra time on my hands once we can just concentrate on nursing.


One response to “Bris, Brisses, Britot?

  1. What a wonderful feeling it was to hold little Adam while the Brit proceeded. Thank god I am not a squeamish person at the sight of a little blood. I will, as long as I live not forget this day!

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