And so the days pass…

in a blur of: try to nurse, feed a bottle, pump. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Reid nursed well tonight…or at least he stayed attached for longer than usual. 15-20 minutes.

We didn’t do well at saturday’s weight check. Both boys only gained 1/2 oz in 2 days. The goal is to gain 1/2 oz each day. The doctor told us to feed them every 3 hours instead of every 4. We did that during the day, but at night let them go about 4 hours between feedings. they weren’t even near waking after 3. Tomorrow we go back to the doctor to get weighed again. With all they’ve been eating–3 oz per feeding plus occassional nursing–it seems impossible that they would not have gained at least the goal.

Oh please, oh please let them gain at least 1 oz.

The good news is that I have PLENTY of milk. I’m pumping an obcene amount of milk…up to 6 oz per pumping session sometimes. Every now and then I replace 1 oz of milk with formula to get the milk supply to last a little longer, and hopefully freeze some for a stash–that David and I might go out again.

In my opinion, nursing is so much easier than bottle feeding. there’s no measuring, no washing, no wondering if you are giving them enough. you whip out your boob, and they eat. Its so convenient. I really hope they get the hang of it soon. I’m a much better breast-feeder than I am a bottle feeder. With Dorothy I can almost count the number of bottles that she took on my hands. I have lost count of how many these boys have had already. Though, I do feel good that we’re using glass. I have to pump into plastic, but we are basically all glass otherwise.


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