Who did what? when?

There’s a level of OCD-ness that I seem to have acquired since giving birth to twins. We made a chart, 2 of them to a page, one page per day.  Each time I feed a baby, we mark down which side he nursed on (if any) how long he nursed (if at all) how much he took from the bottle. Also we note if diapers were wet or poopy. It is absolutely essential for me to do that. If I don’t, I’ll never remember if or when someone nursed, and as far as I’m concerned, the poop is gone once the new diaper is on. But it must be noted and recorded. I’ve always been anal retentive (filofax and palm pilot) but this really takes it to a whole new level.

The boys are growing. Adam is 4lb 10oz and Reid is 4lb 3oz. its good to have them over their birth weight. I’ll heave another sigh of relief when we hit the big 5lb mark.

I’m hoping to take the boys on a walk this afternoon with some friends. I figure I’ll walk till I’ve had enough and turn around. 2 weeks post op does not make for a fast or a long walk. But it is glorious outside, and after not being with my friends for 3 months, I am craving social contact.

2 responses to “Who did what? when?

  1. Sounds like the boys are doing great. Your system sound necessary to me so don’t sweat it.
    I really hope you got to go on your afternoon with your friends and enjoyed it. Social time for mom is very important.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your walk today! You’re right, it was gorgeous out there. So glad to hear the boys are doing great.

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