who wants pictures?

we got pictures

it took a little while, but I was finally able to download them out of the camera. We’re on day 2 at home as a family of 5. Last night wasn’t too bad. The twins are nursing, but not at every feed. I let them try to nurse at every daytime feeding session, and at night we’re going straight for the bottle (of breastmilk). We want as little frustration as possible at night, and it looks like all three of us–david, me and my mom–get up to feed them at night, we could be back to bed in 1/2 hour. I pump while they feed. 1/2 hour is not bad at all in my opinion.

now onto the pictures…

last picture of me pregnant. ever
about 5 minutes before I was wheeled into the operating room. I was begging David not to take this picture, but he insisted

kangaroo care rocks
holding both boys in Kangaroo Care

extremely proud daddy
David and both boys, I think its Adam on the right

going home
Getting ready to go home. Fresh haircut by my generous stylist. she came to visit me in the hospital.

dorothy helping to feed
Big sister at work. She wants to watch, or help feed whenever she’s around


One response to “who wants pictures?

  1. Congratulations on having everyone home! Good work hanging onto them long enough (told you it was 2 boys). Do you know yet whether they’re identical?

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