amazing babies

baby-wise, today was a very good day. I roo-ed Adam twice and each time he found my nipple and started sucking…on his own. pretty impressive for a kid who doesn’t like the bottle, and otherwise doesn’t liketo eat. Then I fed Reid a small bottle of breastmilk and a small bottle of formula earlier this evening. he sucked them both down. I hadn’t given a baby a bottle in a long time (remember that dorothy didn’t take one after she was 6 weeks old) and lacked the confidence to bottle feed an infant. I was pretty proud of myself–and Reid. And then be burped like a truck driver. Tomorrow  I hope to roo Reid and see if he’s interested in nursing.

on top of the successes with the babies, my milk came in, which is great, but my boobs are rock solid. which is incredibly painful. I’m sitting and typing this with diapers filled with ice on my boobs. it feels amazing. seriously, it feels great. On the other side of things I’m in a bit (okay, a lot) of pain from surgery. I have referred shoulder pain from having my tubes tied, gas pains, my incision hurts, and every time I pump I get after-pains (more contractions). Boy, being a woman sure is fun!

David is in with the boys, kangaroo-ing and feeding them. I’ll be going in there shortly.


One response to “amazing babies

  1. Wow! You totally reminded me of all those awful post-c-section feelings…ugh, I feel for you! I’m so happy you are heading home. Hopefully the boys will come very quickly.

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