me + 3

The equation is now complete.

The twins were born yesterday morning. I had contractions all night long and then a very quick–4 hour–labor to find that I was 10 centimeters dilated, and then a trip to the operating room for a c-section. They were born at 8:05 and 8:06 am. I had called David at 5:45 to let him know I was in labor.

I gave birth to two beautiful boys. Reid Michael and Adam Robert. Adam weighed 4 lbs 7 oz at birth, and Reid was the infamous baby B weighing 3 lbs 15.5 oz. We are still waiting to hear the pathology report to see if they are identical or not. They are the same blood type, so we’re pretty sure that they are identical.

They are unable to nurse right now, so I am pumping every 3 hours to bring my milk in. Hopefully I will start to see some results, ie: milk, soon.

I just came back from doing Kangaroo Care. Its where you place the baby (or babies) on your chest for skin-to-skin contact. It was great. I had only held Adam, and not for very long. I kangaroo-ed Reid for a while while Adam was being fed, and then I kangaroo-ed both of them together. They were so cute. Reid was sucking at the side of my breast, and they were holding hands.

it looks like I’ll be going home without the boys, but that they’ll be following me home just a few days later.

I promise to post pictures when I get home.


3 responses to “me + 3

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We’re so thrilled to hear that you and the babies are all doing so well! Boys! YAY! So now Dorothy still gets to be your little princess and you have 2 princes to take care of her when they get older 😉 We can’t wait to see pictures. And we know you probably can’t wait to go home and sleep in your own bed again after all this time. Congrats again, and enjoy!

  2. Wonderful news!!! I’m so happy to hear all went well. I can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. Congratulations! What wonderful news that they are healthy and eating well. Now the real fun begins.

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