the amazing guy i married

i haven’t talked about this much since this bed-rest and hospital adventure began…but as the days have gone on and on and on, david has really proven himself to be an amazing husband and father.

he has outdone himself with dorothy. the man is exhausted, and yet he pushes forward to do things with her on the weekends and after work. he puts up with me when i question him about her eating and sleeping habits–i know he’s doing the best job he can possibly do–but my duty as a mother compels me to want green vegetables and clean fingernails for dorothy.

but last night he really outdid himself.

he gathered about 12 of my friends for a surprise birthday party for me. with all the trimmings (except, of course, candles)

we are really not birthday party people, but he knew that it was exactly what i needed.

love him.

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