32 + weeks. my birthday, not theirs

today is my 33rd birthday. and the best way for me to celebrate is to not have these babies. it looks like i will wake up tomorrow still hugely pregnant. every hour and day counts for so much right now. soon we will be able to talk realistically about all of us going home together.

i had a growth ultrasound this morning. by their estimates, each baby is over 1800 grams (over 4 lbs)!! no wonder i’m so big. i have about 8 lbs of baby inside me.

on top of that great news, my mother surprised me by arranging for a manicurist from j-con (my favorite salon) to pay me a visit for a manicure and a pedicure! i feel totally pampered and relaxed!


6 responses to “32 + weeks. my birthday, not theirs

  1. Amy, wonderful news! Bet you couldn’t have wished for a better birthday present. Those babes are big — which is, of course, the whole point of what you’re going through. .. well done!

    P.S. In the betting pool, I’m saying 2 boys. At least that’s what I’m saying today. . .

  2. As you know we are very proud of you and you have done great. Mom and I have always known that you would. So, happy 33rd birthday. I cannot wait to see the three (that’s you, David and Dorothy) of you next week when I will be very happy to take some of the work load off David’s shoulders with respect to taking care of Dorothy. Don’t worry I will not spoil her. (well maybe just a little). As far as to what we think the babies are…..Mom thinks boys and I think girls so we are about even on the baby score. The layette stuff is sitting in the hall closet and it’s oh so very tempting to just peel away the cover to see whether the colors are pink or blue. We have not done so and it will be a big surprise for all to find out what the twins are.

  3. I agree with Elizabeth. I’m betting boys. Mom

  4. I’m betting that the babies will be either boys or girls!!!! That way I know I will be right!!! love aunt sheryl

  5. Melissa (Josh's wife)

    Happy Birthday Amy! I’m so glad to hear that things are going so well, given your situation. It’s great that David has been so helpful and that you’re getting the rest and pampering that you deserve because once those twins come, who knows when you’ll ever rest again! LOL

    As for the betting pool, I think I recall hearing that they’re identical, so it can’t be 1 of each, right? In that case, I’m going to say 2 girls. GOOD LUCK!! Keep up the good work!

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