1st day jitters

today was dorothy’s 1st day of school, and it went just as you would expect. she cried a lot, didn’t eat lunch, and didn’t nap.

we are all racked by guilt. me because we didn’t plan on sending her this early, but with twins coming really felt she would need a ‘place of her own.’ and because i’m not able to take her. david feels guilty because he never wants her to be unhappy–he checked on her twice in the middle of the day. kathy–grandma–feels guilty for dropping her opff and having to walk away, no matter what.

oh tho guilt.

on a good note, i am in posession of her 1st peice of artwork.


One response to “1st day jitters

  1. Amy, Rebecca started school at 20 months old. Pure misery, until we switched her from 2 to 3 days a week (all day). By October, 6 weeks in, she was yelling “I want my Nellie” (the teacher’s name) when she was mad at me. . . the first week is pure misery, and after that you’re good.

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