ultrasound report

it took a while, but i am finally back in my room after my daily ultrasound. both the ultrasound tech and one of my doctors did the growth estimates. they came up with different estimates, but it appears that baby b is still a bit smaller, but is catching up, and both of them are in the lower 3 lb range.

remember, this is just an estimate. we won’t know how big they really are until they come out.


2 responses to “ultrasound report

  1. Caroline Brasfield-Carter

    I LOVE this site, and what a great way to keep up with you and all your BABES! Keep up the great work with the weight gain! They will get there! I want to come and see you next week, if you are up for it. I will email or call you!


  2. Hang in there, babies! Just popped over from a comment on Mason-Dixon knitting. I am pregnant with just one, and have already made it to 36 weeks (whew!), but even that is a little bit nerve-wracking. GOOD LUCK TO YOU – I’m sending good thoughts for healthy, happy ones that come just as late as they can!

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