what do i do all day? lets start with nidnight, and i’ll tell you how my day goes–hour by hour

 1 am medication

5 am medication

6 am get checked on by a resident

7-8 am breakfast is delivered

9 am medication

noon lunch

1 pm medication

5 pm medication

5-6 pm dinner

9 pm medication

in addition to the drug schedule, i also go to radiology daily for an ultrasound, and i go to labor and delivery twice a day to monitor the twins

keeps me out of trouble!


2 responses to “routine

  1. Wow! And they call this bedrest? LOL You need to post some new belly pictures! I took one every week from 16 weeks on, gotta show off that baby belly!! Hope you are feeling well.

  2. Wow, this schedule sounds all too familiar. You’re supposed to be getting rest before the twins come, but there’s no sleeping on bedrest in the hospital!

    At least you’re getting out of your room a little bit each day.

    You’re doing a great job at staying pregnant! Hang in there! I know that some days can be pretty hard and emotional, but you’re doing great!

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