a change of topic

i’ve always been a tree hugger, but in the past few years i’ve gotten more obviously crunchy

 we cloth diapered dorothy, it was suprisingly easy, and awfully cute.

i wore her in a mei tai, and REALLY loved it

we’re going to use glass baby bottles for the twins when i am not nursing

we were ready to buy a prius, but we can’t get  3 kids into it…so there went that plan…

and i just found out about a FREE catalog cancellation website, catalog choice. it takes a few weeks for the cancellation to take effect. but eventually there will be less junk mail in my box. i can’t wait.

(i’ll get off my soapbox now)


2 responses to “a change of topic

  1. Amy, just wanted to let you know that your delinquent dishcloth fairy is keeping an eye on you and fingers crossed and whatever else you need. Any requests?

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