definitely back on line

the hospital wi-fi is great, though typing is uncomfortable,

i guess i’m totally out of the NaBloPoMo thing. oh well. next year. i’ll keep posting. i promise.

the twins are moving. a lot. sometimes it hurts. but its good, i know they’re growing and getting stronger.

i’m knitting….as much as i can. i’ve made 4 washrags (i think) one burp cloth, and i’m working on blanket #2 again. its a log cabin blanket from mason-dixon knitting. i’m the garter stitch queen these days. its easy, and really requires no pattern. i don’t think i could do much more than that right now. but, i really like how its coming out. blanket #1 is a mitred-square blanket from the same book. its off getting sewn together as we speak, and will eventually get a border–i just don’t know when.

thats all for know, dinner will be served soon (its the early bird special!)

i’ll write more tomorrow.


One response to “definitely back on line

  1. Amy!!!!

    Glad to read you are doing ok. Its amazing how wi-fi can lift your spirits. Keep blogging…


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