ow, that hurts

today, david and i took our relationship to the next level. in an effort to keep me in the house and out of drs offices as much as possible…

david gave me my flu shot

 in other news, the babies movements are getting stronger every day. sometimes they even hurt when they move around.

also, i finished knitting baby blanket #1, which is a huge accomplishment. i immediately started blanket #2. same yarn, new pattern. i just couldn’t make the same blanket twice.

i finally worked up the courage to download pictures from the camera…enjoy


dorothy at a pumpkin festival

at a pumpkin festival

david and dorothy on one of their 1st outings after bedrest began. he wears the diaper bag well, don’t you think?

about 22 weeks

this is the last picture of me standing. about 22 weeks along, i think.


One response to “ow, that hurts

  1. Wonderful news all around. You are looking wonderful, D gets cuter every day and your hubby is a natural with that diaper bag.
    Give the twins a hug or a gentle nudge away from whatever they are pushing on.

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