cervix watch 2007, volume 3

almost done with 3 weeks of bedrest, and 25 weeks, 1 day into this pregnancy. today my cervix measured 1.6 cm, last time it was 2.6 cm. however, there is barely any funneling of the cervix, which is great. the doctor upped my medication to 3 doses a day from 2, and wants to see me again in 2 weeks. my blood pressure is good, and the babies look good. at my next visit, they’ll measure the babies and ‘weigh’ them as well.

 tomorrow dorothy’s big-girl-bed gets delivered. she has been trying to climb out of her crib, so its time for her to graduate. plus, we don’t want her to feel like the twins ‘stole’ her bed. its a big move, but it would be no matter when we did it.

One response to “cervix watch 2007, volume 3

  1. Keep up the good work. Those babies are lovin every minute in there.

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