the view from here

i’d post pictures, but downloading them seems rather complicated right now. i may work up the courage soon, though. if nothing else, it will kill plenty of time.

so what do i see from my ‘perch’ in bed?

  • my toes
  • my new flat screen tv
  • this laptop
  • my knitting

dorothy spends plenty of time in bed with me, looking at pictures and reading. i’m trying to get her to help us pick names for the twins, but the best she can do is “dorothy” I guess we’ll have to do that job on our own. I showed her the ultrasound pictures of the babies, and told her that those babies are in mommy’s belly. she was like, “noooooo” she gives my belly kisses, and says “hello babies” while waving at my belly. its pretty funny

we’re already 2 weeks into this bedrest thing. i’m at 25 weeks now, which means that I’m not far from some good milestones. 28 is good viability, and few deffencies are seen in babies born at 32 weeks. these are good dates for us to keep in our heads as goals. keeping our eyes on the prize(s) so to speak.

david has really found a rhythm for the evenings. he cooks dinner, plays with dorothy, gives her a bath, gets her into bed. he’s really doing a great job. he’s exhausted by the end.

no doctors visits this week. next one is on october 22–next monday. so keep those long cervix vibes coming!


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