cervix watch 2007, volume 1

well, we knew this was a possibility all along.

I am on bedrest due to cervical changes. at my last dr visit on tuesday we learned that I am not dilated, but things were changing, and it was NOT GOOD.

the combination of bedrest and medication changed for the better by wednesday morning, and I go backfor another check on monday. but no matter what, I am likely in bed for the remainder of this pregnancy.

the good news is that the babies look great. one is 1 lb 3 oz and the other is 1 lb 4 oz, they have great heartbeats and are growing. I can feel much more movement, and occassionally my belly jumps–and that always makes me happy

 Kathy, my mother in law, has been watching dorothy, and will likely continue to do so. Dorothy seems to be handling all of this well, and occassionally climbs into bed with me, which is a lot of fun.

 the panty experiment hasn’t gone so well, the 2 times that Dorothy has worn panties she has promptly wet her pants. we’re definitely not ready to make that jump, but the only way for us to have learned that was to jump in and try it.

that’s all for now, I’ll have more news on monday after I see the doctor again.

3 responses to “cervix watch 2007, volume 1

  1. Oh, no. I’m so sorry you are on bedrest! I was only on it for 10 days and it was bad enough! I can’t believe Dorothy is getting so big! I want to see a recent pic of you too.

  2. I am so sorry to hear you are on bedrest but very happy to hear things got better so quickly.
    Hang in there, enjoy the belly jumps and before you know it there will be new adventures.


  3. We just learned about your bed rest but so happy its gotten better. You sound in good spirts just keep smiling. Thats so nice that Kathy can watch Dorothy(: Love from all out here in Las Vegas. Uncle Arnold, Aunt Linda and Stephanie

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