happy birthday, baby

Today is your 2nd birthday. We’ve survived two years with you as our child. And you’ve survived two years with us as parents. Mazal Tov all around!


You are really blossoming into a little girl before our eyes. You blow kisses, give hugs, like to wear princess dress up clothing, like to put lotion on, and don’t  like to eat very much at all.

The other day, you ate 2 bites of cereal at breakfast, 2 bites of lunch, and nothing at all for dinner. How did  you manage to run around like a happy toddler all day long? I can’t imagine it. But you did it, and didn’t seem unhappy about not eating at all.

blow out the candles!

You are learning that you want to do things yourself, and you get upset when we help you to do them. You are getting close to being able to put on a shirt by yourself, but you still get tangled up taking it off. In fact, I’m going to start putting you in for a nap without a shirt. most of the time wearing a shirt just delays you from falling asleep at naptime, you just want to take it off and get frustrated trying.

You are coming close to getting potty trained. I think. you like to sit–most of the time. You tell us when you are making a pee-pee, and immediately want to be changed out of a poopy diaper. Who can blame you?

resting in the big bed

In the morning, we have a routine, you give me a kiss on each cheek and an eskimo kiss on the nose. I love it. If I don’t get my kisses before we leave your room, I get them soon there-after. Gotta have my morning kisses. I’ve got to get them from you before you start refusing me.

Happy birthday baby. You’re growing up so fast. We love you

2 responses to “happy birthday, baby

  1. Amy – i cant believe how much energy you have. Mazel Tov to Dorothy. She is lucky to have you as her mom. Did you bake that cake?

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. You are getting so big. I remember when I 1st met you at Bayfront you & Brie were so tiny. Time goes fast.

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