Twins Update

I’m going to try to scan the ultrasound pictures of them, but in the meantime, I’ll tell you what we know.

They are the same sex, and beyond that, the doctors believe them to be identical twins. There appears to be one placenta, and a very thin membrane separating the two babies. All of this will be confirmed after they are born and the doctors have a chance to inspect everything. We don’t know what sex they are, and have no intention right now of finding out.

I feel good. I’m tired, probably because I’m not sleeping well at night. I have been napping almost every day while Dorothy naps. So then I’m not tired when its ‘time’ to go to bed, etc. A vicious cycle.

I had my first prenatal massage today, and boy was it good. I’ll definitely be getting more of those before the end of the pregnancy.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Dorothy’s 2nd Birthday. I can’t believe she’s going to be 2. What a ride its been.  She is becoming a little girl, definitely not a baby anymore. And, she’s definitely entering the terrbile two’s. She wants to do everything herself, and gets upset if she can’t do it. At the same time, she doesn’t want help. She’s learning to dress and undress herself, she likes to open up the diapers before I put them on her, and take them to the trash when we’re done getting changed.

She’s going to be starting pre-school soon, and I’m very conflicted about that. I am already not able to do all the things with her that we were doing before I got pregnant. I simply don’t have the energy, or just physically can’t do it. I feel bad. I know pre-school is the right thing to do for her, especially once the twins arrive. She’s going to need her own space and social circle outside of me and the new babies. She is so smart, she will definitely need more stimulation than I’ll be able to give her with two tiny babies around.

Still I feel guilty. I guess that makes me a mom.


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