pictures of the twins

two little heads 13 weeks

this is my favorite picture from the day we found out I was having twins. They look like two peas in a pod, don’t they?

twin A 18 weeks  twin B 18 weeks

Here they are. Who do they look like? Me? David? Dorothy? Any guesses–boys or girls? We’re not finding out, so start the betting now…

At the time the last two pictures were taken, 18 weeks, they both weighed 9 oz, almost exactly…there was a 2 gram difference in weight, and they are growing exactly on target for my 40 week due date.


One response to “pictures of the twins

  1. I guess sooner or later you would have had to change the name of your blog. The twins are already very much a part of your daily life. I like the new name you’ve chosen and the photo you took for it. Dad and I enjoy coming back to your blog time and time again. It makes us smile. Always :)ing and with much love, Mom

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