translation, please?

While most of Dorothy’s vocabulary is incredibly easy to understand. Some of her words require translation. Some of these have already turned into real words, and we miss them. 


up a day day=upsidaisey


wa go=lets go




snaap=snap also sometimes button

2 hours=everything takes 2 hours


pissy cup/pssa=sippy cup

a pa ju ba=apple juice

daddy fix eyes= daddy’s an ophthalmologist

dogina=dorothy’s favorite stuffed animal

mo mo time=one more time


hamma=hold hand

no and no and no=NO


3 responses to “translation, please?

  1. Yup thats Dorothy talking a mile-a-minute. My oh my what a great vocabulary!!! She even changed my name from Poppy to Papu. I wear that new name with pride, and henceforth am Papu to one and all. I want to shout that name out to whoever I meet. LOOK LOOK I AM A PAPU.

  2. My daughter used to use “lemon” for “melon” especially in that favourite summer fruit “waterlemon.” I miss that one too.

  3. What about Ma-ace for Mason! That was our favorite

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