Adults, travelling alone

David and I went away by ourselves last week. All the way to Arizona. David’s friend Jason from medical school was getting married in Sedona, so we went. As we packed up to leave, Dorothy definitely knew something was up. She just didn’t know that we were leaving her with Grandma. I’d been preparing food and labeling stuff and making a crazy list to leave–a list of all the things that I might or might not have told Kathy. Going out the door was the hardest part. Once we were on the road I felt fine. I felt like I was missing something…Dorothy and all the stuff that I carry around with us. Every time we called to check in, we could hear her having fun. And we had fun too.

Here are some pictures from the trip

Amy at top of Doe Mountain on top of devil's bridge II

that’s me on top of Doe Mountain, and David contemplating the smallness of life from atop Devil’s Bridge. Both in Sedona.

 Sedona was beautiful, if touristy. we were glad to have been there, but it isn’t exactly on our list of places to go back to. The hiking was amazing–it fit right in with David’s usual traveling plans of “find the biggest hill to climb”

grand canyon early in the morning

Here we are standing on top of the Grand Canyon. Early in the morning. I think we got there at about 6 am. the sun came up at 5:30 and we were dissapointed to have slept ‘so late’ It was chilly when we left the hotel room, but it warmed up quickly. we didn’t need the fleece for long!

And, here’s a picture of Dorothy. Enjoy!

ta da! here's Dorothy!

Ta-Da! It’s Dorothy!


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