Lots of stuff going on here.

I’ve become a gardner. Here’s a group picture of all my plants (from left to right) Chives, Chives, something, something, basil and tomatoes)

all my babies

The two that I can’t identify are forget-me-nots and oregano, I just don’t know which is which. My favorite one of the bunch is the tomato.

baby tomato plant

Dorothy continues to sit on the potty, she peed on the potty last night, which was great. But then she peed on the floor twice before we could get her in the bathtub. so at least the floor got washed.

potty time

potty time

Dorothy has discovered my shoes. This is probably not a good thing–for me at least. She walked around in my flip-flops this afternoon.

not my shoes anymore

 and so it goes


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