skiing baldy

Well, this entry is a slight detour from our usual “all about dorothy” routine.

David took me to the top of Baldy last week. Its a humungous mountain, and David took some videos of me on our way down. the ski patrol was right behind us, and I had no idea that they were ‘closing’ the mountain behind us. It was time to go home in so many ways. Enjoy the clips of me skiing. We think they’re pretty funny.

Now, this video is after a few unsuccessful attempts at getting Dorothy to ‘enjoy’ the snow. she HATED It at first. Hate isn’t really a strong enough word. Here’s a picture to show you how she felt about the snow

We figured that every time we took her outside we were giving her something to discuss with her therapist. It took almost a week to get her to enjoy the snow like other red-blooded kids.

I guess this is what we get for living in Florida. That, and hurricanes.

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