Getting into….everything

At 16 months old, dorothy is becoming a very typical toddler. Here’s what our normal day looks like
-get out of bed
-fight to change morning diaper. Mom gives up
-eat breakfast (with the dirty diaper still on) ICK
-fight to change diaper again eventually mom wins
-get dressed. Another battle. Dorothy doesn’t really like clothing these days.
-go out. Fool Dorothy into letting me put her in the carseat

you get the idea. She’s a lot of fun to be around when she’s in a good mood. But when she’s cranky, or I’m trying to get her to do something that she’d rather not do, it’s less fun. that said, she’ll allow anyone but me to change her diaper without a fuss. It’s nice to be the mom.

here are some funny pictures of what we do during the day, plus a good video. Enjoy!

clockwise from top: behind the couch, riding the high-chair, with a box on her head and wearing my knitting bag. Serious fun stuff going on here!


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