vacation, day 1

The first family adventure of 2007 began without a hitch. We arrived in the Dominican republic without any problems. Dorothy was her usual charming self on the plane, and travelling with David is a ton eaiser than travelling without him. Dorothy force-fed her father cheerios. he compared it to becoming a ‘fois-gras goose’. all in the name of keeping the baby happy!

the apartment is beautiful. Cabarete is beautiful. I cannot get over the wind. there is so much wind.

Dorothy didn’t sleep well last night. she woke up at least once an hour. finally I gave up and brought her into bed with us. when she finally layed down on my chest, she started kicking david in the face. again, all in the name of keeping dorothy happy!!

I’ll post pictures when we’re home. cross your fingers for a night spent quietly in the crib.


One response to “vacation, day 1

  1. Hi all,

    This is Poppy and I promise to write more often. Not that Nona and I have not visited the blog. We view the videos very often and enjoy them to no end. It’s an absolute joy to watch Dorothy and the two of you grow.


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