Happy Birthday

Dear Dorothy,

Today you are one year old. Even typing those words gives me the goosebumps. 12 months have passed since you entered our world, 365 days. A long time, but a very short time.

Today before putting you down for a nap, you gave me a huge hug. You only just started giving hugs the other day. You’ve been giving kisses for a while, not to everyone, but the people who you grant with a kiss are surprised by the noises and general wetness that comes with your kiss. They are delicious. You have not given me a kiss festival in a while, but I’ll settle for one of your hugs any day.

You have moved past crawling, and are well into walking now. I love the noise your feet make on the floor as you toddle around. You keep your hands up for balance and are still a little clumsy, but your walking improves every day. I am always surprised when you walk into a room. You are so tiny, I had expected you to be taller when you started walking. I was wrong.

You have a definite sense of humor. You will collapse into a pile of giggles if we make the right noise, or sneak up on you, or for any reason we don’t know. Your father and I will do just about anything to get you to laugh.

You only recently started eating. You are still a bit cautious about what you put in your mouth–you weren’t so thrilled about eating your birthday cake–but for the things you like, you’ll open up! last night I couldn’t spoon the food in fast enough, and that makes me so very happy.

It seems like you were born just the other day, but you’ve accomplished and experienced a lot in your short life. You learned to crawl, stand, cruise and now walk. You have a few words, “Hi” “mama” “Dada” and a lot of words that we don’t understand. You’ve been to Idaho, New Jersey, and New York. You’ve been in the cockpit of a plane.

You have so much to look forward to.
Happy Birthday, Bug


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