Bad Amy, Bad

I have been meaning to write an entry, and saying, “I’m going to write an entry” for days. well, actually, weeks. I check my e-mail while Dorothy plays on the floor. And I never get around to it. I’m hanging my head in shame. So much has happened, where to begin?

We went to NJ for Passover, unfortunately, without David.

Aunt Julie came for a visit, which was wonderful, we went swimming at the yacht club, Julie went sailing with David, we had a scrap-book-ing extravaganza, and generally had a GREAT time. I couldn’t have spent my frequent flyer mileage in a better way.

David ran the St. Anthony’s Triathalon for the 2nd year in a row. Dorothy and I were there to cheer him on at the finish line. Dorothy’s shirt says, “Run Daddy Run” on the front, and, “Go Daddy Go” on the back. She was the hit of the grand-stands. David did well in the triathalon, and we were SOOOO proud of him.

David has already talked me into doing the ‘meek and mighty’ triathalon for next year. Oy.

Oh. My. God. How could I not have written this first. AUNT ERIN IS PREGNANT. Dorothy has been keeping this a secret for months, and I’m finally allowed to write it! We are so excited for her. She’s feeling good, and we’re hoping that continues. Dorothy is so excited to be a cousin, and David and I are very excited about being Aunts and Uncles for the first time. Not only will this child have some FABULOUS hand me downs (boy or girl there is a car seat headed its way) but I can’t wait to do the spoiling!!!

ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

We’ve also taken some pretty fabulous pictures of our bug that I can’t manage to post right now, so I promise to try again later!!!

good night!


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