News from the "sleep front"

When we got back home from our visit to NJ last week, I decided that it was time for Dorothy to learn how to put herself to sleep. We had a terrible weekend, sleep-wise, with Dorothy falling asleep in our arms, and then waking up when we would put her in the pack-and-play. I was ready for some sleep, and quick.

We started out by putting her down awake, but tired, and letting her go for 10 minutes before going back in to calm her down and start over again. She never needed us to go in more than once. I was doing the same thing for her naps. Two nights ago, she shocked us all by not crying and going right to sleep. She did the same thing last night! David and I don’t know what to do with ourselves–we could not have imagined that we would EVER put her down awake and that she would then go to sleep! I was sure that I would be rocking her to sleep in college.

We’ve also started feedings with rice cereal. They’re going less well than the sleeping. She’ll swallow a few bites, but I think its an accident. She cries so much and eventually has to stop, breathe and swallow, that she accidentally swallows the cereal in her mouth. I guess I thought that since she was so eager to eat anything, that it wouldn’t be a problem. I guess I was wrong. I’m armed with toys, songs and general entertainment in the high chair, and also persistence. Today we start cereal at breakfast and lunch. Repetition, repetition, repetition….


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