Lucky Baby

I don’t remember if I wrote about this earlier…
Caroline, the owner of the yarn shop where I had been working, hosted a wonderful shower for us. She designed a beautiful blanket for Dorothy. Everyone at the shower knit a square, and then volunteers peiced it together. I was at the shop this week, and they gave me the completed blanket. Here’s a picture of the beautiful blanket that was produced

Here’s one close up, so you can really see it:

and a cute picture of Dorothy, probably laying on the blanket for the last time!

David was very excited about the blanket because its made of cotton, since he’s ‘allergic’ to wool. How could I have married a man allergic to wool?


One response to “Lucky Baby

  1. What a beautiful blanket, made more so by that cute little grandchild of mine. Treasure the handmade items that the three of you get. They were made with a lot of love. I sympathize with David. Even though I am not allergic to wool, I find it makes me itch so I try not to wear wool in direct contact with to much skin. Hey look at it this way, David, you can roll around with Dorothy on that blanket. And what can be better than that?


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