Little Traveler

Dorothy is officially a little travler. David totally shocked me when he suggested that we ask if we could take a picture with the pilot, I never thought we’d be allowed to , and I also never thought that HE would suggest such a thing. So, we got on the plane, and the flight attendant was like “OF COURSE, follow me!” Away we went, and the pilot couldn’t have been any nicer.

We definitely lucked out, Dorothy slept the whole way to NJ, even with a 45 minute ground delay. We (and the people sitting around us) couldn’t believe how lucky we were.

My parents hosted a wonderful brunch on New Year’s day to introduce Dorothy to all of our family and friends who have not come to Florida. I thought that she would have been totally overwhelmed by all the people, and cry for most of the day. Instead she was a joy to be around, and when she couldn’t handle all the people, she simply fell asleep right on Uncle Matt’s lap.
How cute is that?

At the end of our visit, we went to Matt and Erin’s house for dinner. Mason was fascinated with this new little creature who invaded his house. He was very curious about Dorothy, and licked her feet to say that she was OK with him.

Its good to be home in sunny Florida, but it sure was nice to see my family for more than a weekend.

Next big trip: Sun Valley, ID next month. We have three flights in each direction and a time change to contend with this time.


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