Some Observations

I noticed a few things today. We were at Nordstrom, and I made a few observations about people.

1) They say stupid things. I was nursing Dorothy in the ladies room, and told her that now that she had eaten, I could go to the bathroom. A woman overheard ‘our’ converstaion and actually asked if I wanted her to hold Dorothy while I peed. What? Are you kidding me? You look like a nice lady, but still. No, thanks, I said. I’ll use the handicapped stall. I also really love it when someone hears Dorothy cry and says, “she must be hungry” or, “she must have gas.” Yeah, like you’re the expert.

2) People cannot resist touching babies. They will reach into her stroller, touch her cheeks, tickle her feet and generally make goo-goo eyes over her. I try to hold her in such a way to discourage this, but it doesn’t work. I also try, in as nice a way as possible, to say, “please don’t touch my baby.” But what really kills me is when they touch her hands. I could almost say to them, “if you want, you could just put your finger in her mouth.” Because that’s basically what they’re doing.

Things I’ve noticed about Dorothy, and have been meaning to write down:
1) I love it when she wakes up in the morning and doesn’t make any noise, but when I go in to check on her I find her smiling from ear to ear. Broadcasting the fact that she had a good night’s sleep. Or is sorry for being such a nuisance in the middle of the night.

2) I love it when she knows something is bothering me, and she nuzzles into my neck.

3) She’s learning how to make the ‘horse-y’ noise, (you know, the one where you put your lips together, and blow out) and its hysterical when she practices when we’re trying to put her to bed. I’m sure that soon, we’ll be kicking ourselves for teaching her this.

4) I love when I put her down to change her diaper, and she wiggles her arms and legs like an upside-down turtle and makes her happy noises

Those are today’s observations.


One response to “Some Observations

  1. Yup, it’s the constant bonding that goes on between a parent and their child. Dorothy is really getting to know you guys and you in turn get to know her. Every child is unique in temperament and you are becoming “intimatly” attuned to your daughter. I am convinced as a father that the bond between a mother and her children is a very unique thing. More so than the bond between a father and his children. Not to say that the bond is not strong it’s a different bond, and just as important in the overall development of the child. I see that bond in Nona’s actions with Mom, Mom’s actions with you Amy, and now your actions with Dorothy. I think the father figure in all these equations rounds out the overall development of the child and helps the child in later years seek out a mate and start the family process over again.


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