Weekend update

Yesterday was such a quiet day. But we did manage to take some good pictures:

Dorothy is able to sit up if we hold her. She spends lots of time sitting on the edge of the table or kitchen counter. But David discovered she can sit on his shoulders. How’s this for a preview of what’s to come!!!

I spent a solid chunk of the day making latkes. 3 dozen latkes. Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Mark were coming over for dinner, and I knew that latkes would be a popular menu item. I don’t think the house still smells like fried potatoes.
After dinner, we lit candles and opened some presents.

Happy Hanukah to us–David and I bought two paintings this weekend. One of his patients is an accomplished painter, and he invited us to his studio on Saturday. The one on the left is called “lady in the wood” and the one on the right is “summer colors.” We had originally planned to buy something to hang in our bedroom, but decided to hang the abstract in the kitchen because we wanted to be able to see it and share it with others.


One response to “Weekend update

  1. Happy Chanukah all. Looks like Dorothy really likes being on Dad’s shoulders. Is that a big grin on her face? These pictures really bring back memories of when you, Amy were the size of Dorothy. I used to carry you for hours on my back in a back pack called a “Gerri Carrier”. You used to have a grand view of the world looking over my shoulders at whatever passed us. For support you would grab hold of the hair on the back of my head. Those were sweet times. Thanks for the memories.


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