vacation is nice…

We are really enjoying ourselves here in Key Largo. Dorothy has been swimming two days in a row, and she really likes the pool. She’s just as happy and giggly as she is in the bathtub. We may have a future swimmer on our hands. Don’t worry, I PROMISE to put pictures up when we’re home. They’re cute!!!!

David and I both like to make guesses at what she’ll be like when she grows up, what she’ll enjoy… She likes to look at bright colors, maybe she’ll be an artist. She really likes the water, maybe a future swimmer. It’ll be funny to look back at this, and even funnier for Dorothy to read this herself and see how right, or wrong, we were.

We didn’t go on a walk this morning. Two days of 4 mile walks had me really tired. Not to mention that Dorothy doesn’t like the last leg of our walk, and tends to scream the whole way home. I needed a break from that, too. I’ve been able to do a little kniting, which is a real treat. I’m working on a totally mindless project, which is perfect for me these days. Uncle Matt and Aunt Erin will be the lucky beneficiaries of this one. Its a beautiful afghan for their ‘new’ house, so I have a while to finish it, but it may not take as long as I anticipated.


2 responses to “vacation is nice…

  1. Dorothy will be an artist and she will combine her two loves into one profession of painting in Watercolors. Get it……watercolors?????

    Your silly Poppy

  2. We love to know Dorothy is giving you time to knit our beautiful blanket! (Although she may be 10 by the time we are in our house… HAHA!)
    Glad to hear vacation is going well. We really can’t wait to see you guys in two weeks! Safe travels home.
    Kisses to Dorothy from us!

    Aunt Erin

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