We’re leaving, on a jet plane…

Well, not exactly a jet plane. We’re leaving, in the car…for 10 days in Key Largo for a big regatta. Thursday morning we’ll be packing the car and getting on the road. So, today I start packing (or at least thinking about packing)

David’s car is a wagon, so you think the trunk is huge, but it isn’t really. Without even thinking, the trunk is practically full already with the stroller and pack-and-play. Then there are the small things:

  • baby carrier
  • monitor
  • sheets
  • burp cloths
  • baby tylenol
  • night light
  • blankets
  • detergent
  • diapers
  • sun hat and sunblock
  • clothing and pj’s

And if there’s room, I want to bring her bouncy seat.

By the looks of it, David and I may have to wear the same thing every day because the car is full of Dorothy’s stuff!!!

I was a very good girl yesterday on a number of counts:

  • I got a flu shot, and didn’t cry!
  • I got 2 new pairs of pants–size 0, yippee!
  • I saw a beautiful pair of Frye cowboy boots, and didn’t even bother to try them on once I saw their price–almost $500. but they were SOOOOOOOO pretty.

So, wish me luck on the packing. If you have any thoughts on what I cannot live without on a 10 day vacation with my child, PLEASE let me know.


One response to “We’re leaving, on a jet plane…

  1. It’s called creative packing. Mom and I used to pack you and Matt and all your stuff into a VW Rabbit which was the same size and shape as the VW Golf. Pack clothing in lightweight packs not hard suitcases. You also have room in the back seat and on the floor behind the front seats. Leave behind any stuff that you normally carry in the car that you absolutly do not need. Also, plan on doing a load of laundry or two if you can get to a washing machine, that way you do not have to take as much clothing. I know that you and David can do it. Above all have fun. David, good luck, Roberta and I will “cheer” for you.


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