Sometimes life just sucks

Normally, I get to write about fun and happy things, but not today.

I just recieved the news that my friend, Renee, succomed to breast cancer last night. When I saw her when I was in New Jersey a few weeks ago, and she was full of hope that a new treatment offered a chance at remission.

When Renee was diagnosed, she herself said that if she had been doing self exams on a regular basis, she would have found the lump, and she was 32 when they found it. I know that I’m not always good about doing self exams…

So I’m saying that we all have to be better about this. Losing one friend to this disease is one too many.


One response to “Sometimes life just sucks

  1. Well, this is my first official post since I was unable to log on from my work computer. Unfortunately, it’s not to respond to the best news. I have to say learning about Renee’s passing over the weekend was devastating. I know how much you cherished your friendship with Renee, who was such a strong, beautiful person. She fought hard and never gave up. I think we can all learn from that. So I think this Thanksgiving really hit home how thankful we should be for our health and our family.

    On a happier note, I have to report that we just got back from a great Thanksgiving weekend with you, Dorothy and David. It was just amazing seeing how big Dorothy is and how gorgeous she is getting! It is so hard knowing we can’t be with her every day!

    Aunt Erin

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