Manatees and Immunizations

Yesterday morning on our very long walk, we stopped to see if the manatee was feeling sociable. We stop there every time we walk, but usually the manatee isn’t there. Today when we got there we saw two 4th grade (ish) boys. They were taking turns climbing down the seawall to touch the manatee, who didn’t seem to mind much. Then it got exciting–there were TWO manatees, a mom and a baby. I hadn’t seen the manatee since before Dorothy was born.

That was our exciting morning, followed by a nap, and a visit to the doctor. That was not much fun. Dorothy was a very brave girl, and I was a brave mommy. She got 3 shots, 2 in one thigh, and one in the other. I held her hands and talked to her while the nurse did the deed.

Tylenol probably saved the day.

One response to “Manatees and Immunizations

  1. I know how you felt when Dorothy got stuck with the needle. That’s what love does to you. You feel your daughter’s pain.


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