U2 Rocks

Last night’s activity for me and David was to go to the U2 Concert in Tampa. WHAT A SHOW. Dorothy was home with Grandma and Grandpa, and we were off. Earlier in the day, I didn’t think I would make it through the concert–I was so exhausted. But thankfully I was allowed a nap yesterday (by Princess Dorothy) and felt like a new woman.

It was an amazing show, and I was one of the crazies with her camera-phone taking pictures. So, enjoy!

I enjoyed the music, but I really liked that they have opinions, and they use their considerable pulpit to make a difference. So many celebrities don’t bother. You may not agree with U2’s politics, but you have to give them credit.

Today is the day for Dorothy’s first round of immunizations. Wish us luck. I hope that she’s stronger than her mommy.

One response to “U2 Rocks

  1. Hey guys next concert get better seats so the pix look better!! Just kidding, they are a very good band and from the blog it sounds like you both had a good time.


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